How to download the Indoor Training Session Fit file to my device?

Please follow the instrections below: (Please note the zip file will include a snapshots of the instructions) 1. You will receive a Zip file to your email 2. Download the Zip file to your desktop 3. Unzip the file 4. Move the Fit file to your desktop 5. Connect your device to your computer 6. Go to PC open and find your device 7. Select your device 8. Select and open the device file 9. Select open the Workout file 10. On your desktop Drag and drop the session file from your desktop to the workout file on your device 11. Check by name the FiT in the workout file 12. Close all windows and disconnect your device 13. Power-up your device and go to workout on home page 14. Opne workout and look for Training session by name

What if the parts I want are out of stock?

We will do our best to keep out website updated with ONLY parts that are in stock. If we see an order with a part on it that is out of stock, we will quickly notify the customer and a decision will be made then.

Bike Rental

Can I rent a bike?


What Type of bikes do you rent?

Road bikes (Racing) Mountain bikes (MTB)

Can I rent helmet?


Can I rent pedals?


What type of pedals do you do?

Look Keo (road) SPD-SL (road) SPD (MTB) Flat Pedals

Can I rent Garmin mount?


Delivery & Pick up

Do you provide with delivery and pickup service?


Can you deliver to my location?


Can you pick up from my location?


Is delivery & pick up serivce optional?


Can I collect my bike from Ramo Pro Cycling shop?


Can I drop my bike at Ramo Pro Cycling shop?



Do you provide guided tours?


What sort of tours?

Sightseeing tours

What time the tours usually start?


Are the tours on daily bases?


What is the schedule of the weekly tours?

Tuesday Friday Saturday Sunday

Do you provide with stops during the tour?


Are all tours cost includs bikes?


How long the average tour will take?

4 to 5 hours


We offer a return policy for all of the products purchased at 2 West Greenhouse.


Décor/Hard Goods can be returned up to 21 calendar days following the purchase of the product(s). Bring in your item with your receipt and we’ll help you out with a refund, replacement, or a credit towards another item.

Live Plant products can be returned up to 7 calendar days following the purchase of the products(s). Returns on live plant products are accepted for up to 7 days past the original purchase date provided 2 West Greenhouse staff considers the material to be in the original condition.  Bring in the plant product with your receipt and we’ll provide you with a replacement or a credit towards another item.


We try to be as accommodating as possible when problems arise. However, we do not feel responsible for customer neglect, accidents like hanging baskets falling, frost, overwatering, or other problems out of our control. However, we make every effort to keep our customers satisfied with their new purchases, and we will continue to aid in dealing with problems that might occur.



                          OPEN             CLOSE

Monday          9:00 am        8:00 pm

Tuesday         9:00 am        8:00 pm

Wednesday    9:00 am        8:00 pm

Thursday       9:00 am        8:00 pm

Friday             9:00 am        8:00 pm

Saturday         9:00 am         6:00 pm

Sunday                       CLOSED

Our hours are seasonal and can change dependent on weather

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